About Us

From our beginnings as a small shop with 2 forging machines, 1 furnace and a workforce of 23, Ohio Star Forge has grown to be an industry leader with 5 forging machines, 9 CRF machines, 2 furnaces and over 100 employees. And as our size has increased, so has our market share, industry diversity, product capability and engineering expertise. Our journey is marked by the following milestones.


1988     Ohio Star Forge is founded as a joint venture between Daido Steel (Nagoya, Japan) and Copperweld Steel (Warren, Oh).

Production begins in Warren, OH.

Original equipment includes Hatebur AMP 30 and 40, as well as a spheroidize annealing furnace and shot blast equipment.

Forge 1 millionth part.

1990     First Kyoei Seiko cold roll forming machine installed.
1991     Expanded cold roll forming department with addition of two machines.
1994     Daido Steel becomes 100% shareholder.

Second Hatebur AMP 30 begins production.

Cold roll forming department adds six machines.

Jeffrey P. Downing named President & CEO.

2002     Market and product diversification effort begins.
2003     Achieves ISO-9001:2000 certification.
2004     Major forging equipment and facility upgrades completed.
2005     Forged 500 millionth part at Ohio Star Forge.
2006     Hatebur AMP 50XL HFE begins production, increasing size capability to 110 mm (OD) by 100 mm (height).
2010     New metallurgical laboratory completed.

Achieves ISO-14001:2004 registration.

William J. Orbach named President & CEO.

2012     Normalizing furnace begins operation.

OSF announces addition of Hatebur AMP 70XL. Production to begin November 2013.

25th anniversary of founding.

On track to forge 1 billionth part in Ohio Star Forge history.


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